DVL Seigenthaler provides strategic, results-driven advertising campaigns across all media platforms. Our strategy, planning and delivery of the advertising message are designed to engage audiences, spark an interest to seek additional information and serve as a catalyst to build a relationship with an emotional connection.

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Advertising Clients

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With the ability to help bring a client’s story to life, our branding is art and science combined. We understand the brand essence, establish brand clarity and communicate the brand to the targets with precise accuracy for maximum impact.

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Branding Clients

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Our award-winning broadcast team’s knowledge and in-house capabilities range from TV spots to brand videos to social content. If it can be captured, we will make it memorable.

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Broadcast Clients

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Fearless, fun, innovative, brilliant. That’s how clients describe our award-winning, full-service Creative team’s achievements.

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Creative Clients

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Crisis Communications

In a crisis, experience and judgment are invaluable. Our depth and breadth of crisis experience is unparalleled, giving us a solid foundation to provide the best when clients face the worst. Learn about crisis management websites.

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Crisis Communications Clients


Our clients trust DVL Seigenthaler to manage internal and external responses and preserve reputations during crisis situations. It is because of these special relationships and circumstances that we are unable to publicly disclose the names of our crisis communications clients. We pledge this same degree of confidentiality to you and your brand. Learn about crisis management websites.

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Our dedicated, in-house staff maximizes your overall digital profile and impact online, from design to implementation and programming to measurement. Whatever the project, strategy and research lead the way.

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Digital Clients

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Every great brand periodically deserves a grand stage. From start to finish, we create and manage real and virtual events that bring people together with purpose.

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Events Clients

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Integrated Marketing

We leverage marketing strategies to inform and develop integrated communications programs that support broader business objectives. Our strength is blending multiple strategies, discipline and skills together to build award-winning campaigns that deliver results.

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Integrated Marketing Clients

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Issues Management

Whether issues involve communities, government, labor unions, legislation, regulatory bodies or the public, positive results come from focused strategy – the heart of every effective effort.

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Issues Management Clients

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Media Relations

Media coverage provides invaluable third-party endorsement, immediate credibility and widespread awareness. Known for crafting powerful strategies, impactful media training and breakthrough press materials, we deliver results.

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Media Relations Clients

  • Buckingham Companies
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (View Case Study)
  • Waller
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Insight informs strategy. Knowledge drives decision-making. We unearth meaningful data and information that can alter a brand position, provide a platform for media campaigns or even change the entire direction of a business.

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Research Clients

  • Loveless Cafe
  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
  • NES
  • Purple Communications, Inc. (View Case Study)
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Social Media

We collaborate with clients to sort through social media options and wield them to impact the bottom line. From analyzing an audience to understanding how and why they engage, our social media teams focus on a positive impact – on your reputation, your operations, your objectives.

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Social Media Clients

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