DVL, Seigenthaler Merge to Become Tennessee’s Largest Agency through Finn Partners Acquisition

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yesterday was a historic day for Nashville’s PR industry. It was announced that DVL Public Relations & Advertising and Seigenthaler Public Relations, Inc., will merge to form the largest public relations agency in both Nashville and the state of Tennessee through an agreement to be acquired by global agency Finn Partners. The new agency will be known as DVL Seigenthaler, A Finn Partners Company. Finn Partners’ acquisition marks the entry of the New York firm, one of the fastest-growing independent firms in the U.S., into one of the nation’s fastest-growing economic markets.

The combined company will be led by DVL CEO Ronald Roberts and Seigenthaler Public Relations CEO Beth Seigenthaler Courtney, who will serve as CEO and President of DVL Seigenthaler respectively. The new agency’s managing partners will include DVL partners Jimmy Chaffin and Nelson Eddy, and Seigenthaler Public Relations partners Amy Seigenthaler Pierce and Katie Seigenthaler.

Here are some comments from leadership regarding the merger and acquisition, and how this move will change the PR landscape in Nashville. For the full news release, please visit our new website.

“Coming together with Seigenthaler PR and becoming part of the Finn Partners team is a natural progression for our firm, representing a new era of opportunity for our clients and employees. Becoming a Finn Partners Company enables us to grow and build on our legacy of success.” – Ronald Roberts, DVL Seigenthaler CEO

“It is clear to us that the Nashville region’s diverse economy is on a very strong growth track, and we are excited to become part of it. The city’s ascendency and its innumerable attributes have been the subject of numerous national news profiles, many of them noting its booming healthcare industry, eclectic cultural scene, rising universities, prime location and welcoming vibe. In fact, a Time magazine story entitled ‘The South’s Red-Hot Town’ articulated what data clearly demonstrate: ‘[Nashville] has had the strongest employment growth of any large metropolis since the Great Recession.'”

“In DVL and Seigenthaler PR, we have found the perfect partners with which to join forces and move into a market with so much promise and potential. We have come to know the management teams of both firms well, and are very impressed with their business philosophies, the client bases they have sustained, their collective quality of work, the depth and breadth of their capabilities, and their deep relationships in the region. An important core value for Finn Partners is to consider ourselves citizens of the world with a responsibility to give back, and we are very pleased that the leaders of both firms share this commitment and have been recognized for their many contributions.” – Peter Finn, Finn Partners Founding Partner

“As our market continues to thrive, it is exciting that our agency will come together with our longtime friends at DVL and form a new firm that will build on our collective talent, histories and experiences while providing expanded services and international reach to our clients through Finn Partners. Like DVL and Seigenthaler, Finn Partners is rooted in a rich history, and committed to new ideas and communication paths. We are invigorated by the opportunity to join forces in a manner that heightens opportunities for our employees and clients.” – Beth Seigenthaler Courtney, DVL Seigenthaler President

The news was shared on social media, and even began trending on Twitter in Nashville. Here are some tweets from national and local media and industry organizations announcing the news. 


DVL looks forward to working with Seigenthaler and Finn Partners as we continue to help our clients be successful.

DVL’s Meet Our Partner Series: John Van Mol

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DVL Chairman and Founding Partner John Van Mol

DVL Chairman and Founding Partner John Van Mol

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Tom DVL 0842 HS

DVL Founding Partner Tom Lawrence

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Friday, October 10, 2014


DVL Partner and Creative Director Nelson Eddy

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DVL’s CEO Insight on Crisis Communications & The NFL

Friday, September 19, 2014

DVL President and CEO Ronald Roberts

DVL President and CEO Ronald Roberts

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Friday, September 5, 2014

DVL President and CEO Ronald Roberts

DVL President and CEO Ronald Roberts

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It all started with a crisis

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When I think about how I came to be at DVL, it all started with a crisis. Let me tell you my story.

In the fall of 2001, I was the senior vice president of sales and marketing for a healthcare company in Nashville. We received a “cease and desist” order from an attorney representing a California-based firm, as did a dozen or so of my same-named companies around the country. We were told we had less than two months to stop using the name under which we had conducted business. Many of us had used this name for decades.

We immediately called the big agencies in Nashville and begged for assistance. We reached out to anyone we thought could handle this type of project. Read More…

DVL’s Meet Our Partner Series: Jimmy Chaffin

Friday, August 8, 2014

DVL Partner Jimmy Chaffin

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Public Speaking: Lessons from Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

By Office of the White House (via NPR, courtesy of the White House) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Office of the White House (via NPR, courtesy of the White House) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Who’s the best public speaker you ever heard? For me, the answer is Maya Angelou. I heard her speak many years ago. I’ve forgotten some of the surrounding details, but I’ll never forget her.

Most speakers are not memorable. But she captured an audience of around 1,000 and mesmerized us for an hour. There was no PowerPoint. No background music. Nothing but her incredible presence.

There were many reasons why she was such a powerful speaker. Here are a few that we can all use to improve our own presentations: Read More…

Record-setting ratings continue in U.S. during 2014 FIFA World Cup

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

photo 1 - world cup imageIn case you didn’t know, there’s some soccer being played in Brazil right now. It would be pretty hard not to know what is going on, since the 2014 FIFA World Cup is on track to become the most socially mentioned sporting event ever. Additionally, the World Cup is dominating coverage across traditional media outlets.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, the World Cup match between the U.S. and Ghana drew 15.9 million viewers between ESPN and Univision, the Spanish carrier of the game. Comparatively, the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup drew 6 million viewers and Game 5 of the NBA Finals drew 17.9 million viewers.

The numbers show that Sunday’s U.S.-Portugal match set records as the most watched game in U.S. soccer history with 18.2 million viewers. The game was also the biggest non-football telecast for the Worldwide Leader in Sports (ESPN). Read More…