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New Team Member Profile: Kate Raley, Account Supervisor

You are new to the Nashville area, what do you think so far?

I absolutely love living in Nashville. After spending many years in D.C. it’s a bit of a shift (I had to practice driving again) but the city is wonderful. Everyone has been so friendly, and the food and music scene is great. Plus, my dogs are happy to finally have a yard!


What inspired you to join DVL Seigenthaler?

I wanted to join a company where I would get to work side-by-side with dedicated professionals who work towards positive change not only with our clients but also with the local community.


What does your work in communications mean to you?

Communications is the art of impactfully disseminating complex information to a targeted audience. Working in communications requires both flexibility and friendliness. We have a responsibility to our clients not only to achieve their marketing or public relations goals, but also to remain timely, accommodating, and kind.


What is your go-to piece of advice for those just starting their career?

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was: “No matter what job you are given, do it to the best of your ability, and with a positive attitude. If you’re tasked with making the morning coffee, make it the best coffee the person has ever received.” Throughout my career, I’ve tried to view every job or responsibility, even those that might seem meaningless or simple at the time, through this lens. Never write-off or complain about a task, instead use it as an opportunity to learn a new skillset that might come in handy later in your career.


What Nashville t-shirt will be your first purchase?

Predators! I grew up in Houston without a hockey team, and admittedly didn’t pay much attention to the Capitals while I lived in Washington.