Effective crisis management using crisis websites

We live in a 24/7 media cycle where one negative story, truthful or not, can be consumed and redistributed to millions in the blink of an eye. Flipping the switch on a crisis website, along side your communication plan, can significantly mitigate your risks and ensure the right message gets out.

5 Benefits Of Preparing A Crisis Website

  1. Ensures your message is visible among the noise and encourages balanced coverage
  2. Establishes your company as the primary source for crisis information
  3. Provides media with contact information of the appropriate spokesperson(s) for further information/interviews
  4. Demonstrates your company’s desire for transparency and corporate responsibility
  5. Mitigates risk of dangerous rumors and speculation

Responding to, or commenting on, negative stories can encourage links, unwanted attention and traffic to offending websites or blogs. A crisis website gives your company a platform to respond to accusations in a non-confrontational space. It also prevents your company from lending credibility to the source of negative attention.

What Valuable Information Does A Crisis Website Provide?

  • True assessment of the crisis at hand, and your company’s strategic response
  • Steps being taken to address/solve the situation
  • Instruction to those affected by the crisis
  • Contact information for the media
  • Contact information for those impacted by the crisis
  • Timely, factual updates on the crisis
  • Details on potential impact of the crisis and any company information that aids to create a clear situational understanding

Why Use A Crisis Website Instead Of My Company Website?

  1. Avoids distraction from the day to day operations and does not draw unwanted attention to the situation for regular users
  2. Because a crisis website has its own unique navigation, it provides a single focused source for reliable and timely information and reduces the clutter of non-essential items
  3. Crisis websites can be turned on at a moments notice and become invisible once a crisis is averted, allowing your company website to conduct business as usual
  4. A crisis website can take advantage of vital keywords in its URL to aid in visibility for search engine optimization.


Contact One Of Our Crisis Certified Team Members

If your company is facing a current crisis or wants to be prepared for a crisis WHEN it occurs, please contact one of our Crisis Management Certified team members. We can help you develop a simple, clean and inexpensive crisis website that is easy to use, requiring minimal training and globally accessible for updates.