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DVL Seigenthaler/FINN Partners’ Client, Hometown Food Company, Announces Southern Partners

White Lily Flour Enlists Seasoned Southern Team to Tell Brand Story

Hometown Food Company announces Southern partners to promote iconic flour and launch new products

Chicago (Oct. 30, 2019) – Hometown Food Company, which acquired White Lily in June 2018, today announced it has partnered with a group of Southern experts to help tell the brand story of the treasured flour. This includes notable chefs, food writers and communications professionals who understand and appreciate the rich heritage of White Lily.

For generations, White Lily has been the “secret ingredient” in Southern biscuits, making it a pantry staple throughout the region. Founded in 1883 in Knoxville, Tennessee, White Lily is known for its soft winter wheat that’s low in protein for superior biscuit results. As a new crop of bakers begins to explore Southern recipes and traditions, Hometown Food Company and its partners will ensure that they are aware of the White Lily difference.

“We realized right away the tremendous potential for this product because of its brand story and uniqueness compared to other flours,” said Dan Anglemyer, CMO and COO of Hometown Food Company. “Biscuits are endearing and personal to so many in the South and beyond. We are honored to be considered the ‘go-to’ flour to make the best Southern biscuits.”

“Our goal is not only to embrace White Lily’s Southern roots but strengthen them by working with authentic experts in the region who are already passionate about this special flour. Our new partnerships will help us elevate the White Lily story and bring our message to a new generation of bakers,” added Brent Minner, White Lily’s director of marketing. Minner grew up in the South and knows firsthand the reputation of this iconic brand.

One of White Lily’s best-known enthusiasts is esteemed biscuit maker Carrie Morey of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits and Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. Morey is known around the country for her made-by-hand Southern biscuits sold online, in retailers nationwide, and in three Hot Little Biscuit eateries with locations in Charleston, Atlanta and soon to be Charlotte. She is passionate about White Lily Flour and uses it to make all of her biscuits.

“I started Callie’s Biscuits in 2005 with my mother’s recipe calling for White Lily and it’s been a vital part of each new recipe that we’ve created over the last decade and the over four million biscuits baked every year,” said Morey. “With bags of flour lining our storefront shelves and bakery, it’s no secret that White Lily Flour has always been a key ingredient in our tender buttery biscuits. I’m proud to partner with a brand that has such an appreciation for the art of biscuit making and the traditions of Southern baking.”

White Lily will be working with Morey as its spokesperson, while also engaging with some additional Southern baking experts to celebrate the diversity of the beloved biscuit.
The White Lily Band of Biscuit Bakers included:

White Lily has also enlisted Southern creative and communications agencies for strategic direction for the brand. DVL Seigenthaler/FINN Partners of Nashville, which represented White Lily for more than 10 years prior to the Hometown Food Company acquisition, has joined the team to bolster the brand through communications strategy and outreach.

Ballyhoo & Co., a Charleston-based creative services agency, will support the brand through social and digital content, using the authentic White Lily story to reach scratch bakers in the South and beyond.

About White Lily Flour
Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1883, White Lily has been a staple in Southern kitchens for generations. The soft winter wheat flour contains a low protein content, creating soft and tender baked goods, and is celebrated as the “secret ingredient” to light and fluffy biscuits. The White Lily product line includes traditional all-purpose flour, self-rising flour, bread flour, buttermilk cornmeal and self-rising cornmeal. Hometown Food Company, a wholly owned portfolio company of Brynwood Partners, acquired White Lily in 2018.

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