Case Study

“What You Give Me” Campaign Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee

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Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee regularly fields questions from current and potential donors asking why they should donate items to Goodwill when the organization “just turns around and sells them at Goodwill stores?” They don’t realize that the revenue from those sales is used to fund Goodwill’s true mission “…to provide employment and training opportunities for people who have disabilities and others who have trouble finding and keeping jobs.” Goodwill’s mission differentiates it from other thrift stores that may sell items for profit.

DVL Seigenthaler Consumer Products Campaign Images for Goodwill Industries - Outdoor and Broadcast


Challenges / Objectives / Implementation

Goodwill’s primary objective was to remind consumers that they can donate their used items to Goodwill at various centers in the marketing area. Our advertising approach let Goodwill clients, whose lives have been changed, tell their own stories and explain that when you give, you give far more than a donation. We listened to the clients’ stories and recorded their own words telling why Goodwill has made a difference in their lives.

The overall message was designed to help potential donors better understand the role of donations in the lives of those ultimately finding work through Goodwill. The look, tone and feel of the ads were intended to inspire and communicate the very human and compassionate concept of Goodwill.

Services provided by DVL Seigenthaler include annual multi-media planning and buying in the Middle Tennessee marketing area, special events promotion (new store openings and other special events), campaign creative concepts, and TV commercial and outdoor creative production.


  • Donations exceeded one million donors during 2014.
  • Goodwill recorded an average of 4,130 donors each day at their 83 donation sites.
  • Sales at Goodwill’s stores also increased during 2014.
  • Retail stores saw 251,037 additional transactions in 2014.
  • 2014 was a record-breaking year for Goodwill’s employment and training services.
  • Career Solutions served 28,259 people and placed 9,558 people in jobs.
  • In 2014, Goodwill Career Solutions placed an average of 797 people into jobs each month.