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Media Camp Jack

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Jack Daniel’s is a beloved global brand full of rich history and lore. With the rise in popularity of “craft” distilleries and consumer interest in quality products, it became apparent that, while most people know the name Jack Daniel’s, few understand its focus on quality and craftsmanship. Jack Daniel’s wanted a successful way to train employees about these key elements of the brand. So, DVL Seigenthaler created Camp Jack, a rare “insider’s look” behind the making of Jack Daniel’s.

With more than 10 years of positive results, DVL Seigenthaler recommended a version of Camp Jack tailored for journalists and bloggers. As with employees, we could bring journalists to the heart of Lynchburg where every drop of Jack Daniel’s is made, and they would leave with a greater appreciation of what makes Jack Daniel’s the world’s No.1 selling whiskey.

Bloggers at Jack Daniel's social media event created by DVL Seigenthaler

Challenges / Objectives / Implementation

The objective of Media Camp Jack was to elevate the perception of Jack Daniel’s quality and craftsmanship among pop culture, lifestyle, spirit and trade media who have influence on millennials and craft beverage enthusiasts. By tailoring the Camp Jack program for media, we successfully educated this group while building enthusiasm, ultimately creating new ambassadors for the brand.

DVL Seigenthaler worked with Distillery staff to develop an interactive curriculum that would draw on the knowledge of long-time employees who are personally familiar with the history of the brand and who can help create a hands-on, apprenticeship component to Camp. By working side-by-side with Distillery employees, the media and bloggers gained a unique perspective on what makes this brand special and the painstaking process that imbues the whiskey with its award-winning taste.


As of June 2016, three Media Camp Jack events have been executed, hosting 30 guests who traveled to Lynchburg domestically from Michigan, Florida, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, and internationally from Germany, India, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico, France, South Africa and Canada. Media Camp Jack’s brand and/or event coverage and social media engagement from all Campers reached millions of readers and followers through stories and social media posts.