Case Study

Let’s Move Nashville: Metro’s Transportation Solution

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In August 2017 Metro Nashville unveiled a comprehensive transportation solution that was years in the making. Let’s Move Nashville: Metro’s Transportation Solution is an in-depth plan for a multi-modal system of interconnected bus, light rail, driving, biking and walking options throughout Nashville. It will have immediate and long-term benefits for every part of Music City and assures that everyone who lives, works and plays in Davidson County can move around and move ahead.

Challenges / Objectives / Implementation

To engage in a productive dialogue with as many Nashvillians as possible, DVL Seigenthaler worked with the Mayor’s office and Metro Public Works to create an informative website, and to coordinate a series of community meetings across the city. Six initial meetings were executed along each of the major corridors where light rail transit will be added. A second series of open house events were added that allowed those from Bellevue, Madison, Donelson and Antioch to participate as well.

Each meeting had an open house format, which allowed citizens to better understand the components and usages of the program and offered experts on each portion of the plan to speak directly with the public. DVL Seigenthaler implemented the following features to educate attendees:

  • A video message from Mayor Megan Barry
  • An animated video overview of the plan
  • Maps of potential routes
  • Commemorative posters
  • Comment cards for public input


The community meetings were an effective way to inform the public about Mayor Barry’s transit plan. DVL Seigenthaler was a part of the management team for every event where the overall attendance and feedback surpassed expectations. More than 435 people attended 11 meetings across Davidson County over a three-month period. Additionally, the Let’s Move Nashville Metro’s Transportation Solution website received over 50,000 pageviews and the plan’s overview video was viewed more than 1,500 times.

In February, the Metro Council voted in favor of adding the transportation plan to the ballot, giving Nashvillians the opportunity to vote the plan into action on May 1. If voters approve Metro’s Transportation Solution in May 2018, Metro’s planners and engineers will work directly with our neighborhoods along corridors to determine specifics – such as exactly where bus and light rail stops will be located, bike lanes extended and sidewalks laid.