Case Study

Corizon Health

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Corizon Health is one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare in a correctional setting (first, under the name Prison Health Services and then, PHS Correctional Healthcare). In November 2010, PHS entered into a definitive agreement to merge with its largest competitor.

Nashville based Corizon Health website displaying corporate branding developed by DVL Seigenthaler

Challenges / Objectives / Implementation

Understanding the brand of a company that doesn’t exist is a daunting task. Add two very different cultures and a desire to meld the employees into one cohesive whole, and DVL Seigenthaler had a challenging project ahead of it. To ensure a successful launch of the new brand, DVL Seigenthaler met with key stakeholders and made sure everyone had input into the final communications plan, brand launch and graphic representation of the new company.

Taking these extra steps proved invaluable when an engaged internal audience viewed the new logo and look on Announcement Day. DVL Seigenthaler developed all messaging and branding (both written and visual) and helped create the new company’s brand positioning. We directed all internal communications to its soon-to-be 11,000 employee population, structured and managed all external communications regarding the merger and created the new name, corporate identity, and online presence of the combined entity.

DVL Seigenthaler became the “voice of the corporation,” fielded questions from employees via a DVL Seigenthaler-designed and -programmed web portal, drafted appropriate, brand-supporting responses and posted the responses on the publicly traded parent company website.

DVL Seigenthaler played a pivotal role in the merging of these two companies. We utilized our full complement of services to re-brand the new company, coordinate all media and issues communications, develop the entire array of collateral materials and advertising, create brand videos and launch the new company both internally and externally.


Because of DVL Seigenthaler’s immersion into Corizon and its brand, the transition from two fierce competitors into one was well-received and positive. The brand has quickly become a cohesive, coordinated, singular voice in the industry. Our work across all agency departments, which was performed exclusively with in-house talent, led to an effective new company beginning.