Case Study

Clarity Text Less, #CallMore

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DVL Seigenthaler created a successful integrated social media campaign, #CallMore, for a client operating solely in the senior citizen market, comprised of compelling visual graphics and images that urge you to stop texting, and start calling the seniors in your life.

Social memes for Clarity public relations campaign produced by DVL Seigenthaler


Challenges / Objectives / Implementation

Like many businesses today, Clarity, a division of Plantronics, sought to expand its social media presence to connect with and engage its consumers. However, Clarity’s consumers aren’t typical social media users. Clarity designs amplified phones and other solutions that address hearing loss, low vision, arthritis and other issues that emerge with aging. Yet with social media increasing in importance for consumer brands, Clarity needed to find a way to connect with the people who were buying and using its products.

DVL Seigenthaler developed #CallMore, a social media campaign aimed at multiple generations—including the children and grandchildren of seniors rather than just the older users of Clarity’s products. DVL Seigenthaler further identified the goals of the targeted campaign: present creative material on grandparents and seniors, evoke emotions that draw attention to the importance of phone conversations, call younger generations to action, and create a branding association between Clarity and seniors.

Through online graphics with text and memes, including photos of seniors, inspirational quotes, contests, comical grandparent images, product features, videos and original words of wisdom, DVL Seigenthaler developed a press release and strategically timed the launch for the week prior to Grandparents’ Day to share on the wire, with Clarity contacts and across social media platforms.


DVL Seigenthaler was able to increase Clarity’s Facebook “likes” by 60%; 100% of “likes” were a response to meme posts and Facebook advertising. Of the people who liked the page, 66% were men and women ages 35 and older. Each of the individual posts on Facebook reached an average of 300-400 people, over triple the number of people prior to the campaign. On Twitter, Clarity increased the number of followers by 20%, and new and old followers took a more active role in Clarity’s Twitter account, with individual and larger companies, such as 50PlusInfo, retweeting and responding to contests.

And as a result of the campaign and press release, Clarity’s largest telecommunications distributor, Florida Relay Telecommunications Service, requested that DVL Seigenthaler develop and implement a similar targeted social media campaign for their platforms, #KeepFloridaConnected.